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Attendance Custom Reports

Consecutive Absence Report - Find students who have N consecutive absences during a given time period.

Daily Attendance Summary - Daily Attendance for the District.

Daily Attendance By Date, Code, School - Daily Attendance Counts by Date, Code and School.

Missing Attendance - Teachers Missing Attendance Today.

Monthly Attendance Review - Generate multiple monthly attendance review screens at a time.

Search Attendance by Frequency - Attendance search by frequency of occurance. User selects date range, codes to search, and to search by daily or meeting attendance.

Student Attendance Count - Attendance Count by Student, Year, and Code.

Student Attendance List Report - Individual/Multiple Student Attendance in a list format.

Student Attendance Range Report - Attendance percentages over a range of days.

Today's Daily Attendance Summary - Attendance summary for any student who has a daily attendance record (other than blank) for the current date. Show how many times this year they've had that code, YTD Absents and YTD Tardies along with the comment from today's record.

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