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 {{:​powerschool:​powerschool:​gradprogpage.png}} {{:​powerschool:​powerschool:​gradprogpage.png}}
-To print out these progress reports by grade level, go to System Reports under Grades and Gradebook ​to selet Graduation Progress Report.+To print out these progress reports by grade level, go to **System Reports** under //Grades and Gradebooks// ​to select **Graduation Progress Report ​(PDF)**.
 {{:​powerschool:​powerschool:​gradprogress.png}} {{:​powerschool:​powerschool:​gradprogress.png}}
 +To print a list of the selected students and the Graduation codes for those students, choose the **Print A Report** as a //Group Function// and select ** *Graduation Codes** http://​​powerschool/​powerschool/​graduationcodes
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