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Early Graduates

An early graduate might be an underclassman who has graduated early, or a senior who graduated earlier in the school year (due to obtaining their GED or meeting all graduation requirements).

When to Transfer Out Early Graduates

The student should be transferred out once they have met all requirements and are no longer taking classes through WCS. Note that the EOY Process skips inactive students, thus not moving the graduated students record to the Graduated School. The SIS Technician will manually move their record to the graduate school during the EOY Process.

How to Process Early Graduates

  • Store the grades so they will be included on the final transcript
  • Manually insert the graduation date, and add the other graduation codes
  • Ensure the responsible division/school is set to the Homeschool (especially in cases such as Bridge)
  • Keep the serving division/school set to the current enrollment location
  • Leave the grade level as is for underclassmen who graduate early (new beginning 2022)
  • Transfer the student out, using the day after graduation as the exit date and the appropriate exit code

How to Find Early Graduates

To find the early graduates during the school year, search on (use current school year dates)
/ExitCode contains W7;ExitDate >= 8/1/20xx;ExitDate < 5/30/20xx

What if grades weren't stored before withdrawing the early graduate?

Please remember that grades are not stored for inactive students. With that being said, if a student graduated and was withdrawn before the end of the school year their grades would not have been recorded in Historical Grades. This includes early graduates from each high school, alternative placement students, and GED students (who may have been enrolled in another class such as Economics and Personal Finance or Carpentry).

If you find that a graduated student's grades for a class (other than the GED course) aren't showing in Historical Grades you will need to manually add them. For early grads from your school, please coordinate with your teachers. For GED/Alternative Placement graduates who have already been withdrawn and transferred back to your school please coordinate with the APS counselor and/or the CTE teachers.

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