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Summer Graduates

After the school year has ended, update the records for the summer school students:

  • Mark Retained = Yes on the State/Province - VA page
  • Remove the graduate fields until they actually qualify for graduation:
    • Graduation Date
    • Diploma Type
    • Graduation Plan Code
  • Send the updated list of graduates in jeopardy to the SIS Technician responsible for the EoY SRC and the Summer SRC reports.

Once summer school has ended and BEFORE the Summer SRC, each school has the responsibility to manually enter the summer school Historical Grades and set the Summer School flag as Yes for each stored grade.

If the previously retained seniors satisfy the requirements for graduation during summer school, update the PowerSchool record after the End-of-Year SRC is completed and BEFORE the EOY Process (so final transcripts can be ran) and Summer SRC is submitted.

  • From the Transcript tab of the State/Province - VA page,
    • Add the Graduation Date
    • Add the Diploma Type
    • Add the Graduation Plan Code
    • Confirm the Grad/Other Completer Code
  • Add the summer school stored grades with the Summer School flag set
  • Update the Scheduling Setup page to ensure they will receive a schedule for the fall term BEFORE the End-Of-Year Process is run in late June / early July.
    • Next Year Grade (99 is for Graduated Students)
    • Schedule This Student checkbox
    • Year of Graduation
    • Next School Indicator (stay in Home School or move to Graduated Students)
  • Send the updated list of graduates to the SIS Technician responsible for the Summer SRC and Fall SRC reports

Graduates previously thought to be returning in the fall

1. You will need to make sure that the following information is accurate and complete in PowerSchool before the school can print his diploma/transcript and withdraw him.

a. Verify that his name, address, home phone is accurate on the demographics page.

b. Verify that his final grades are recorded on the Historical Grades page.

c. Verify that all pertinent data is there including but not limited to Graduate/Other Completer Code, and Graduation Plan Code on the State/Province – VA page - General tab.

d. Enter the Diploma Type, and his actual graduation date on the State/Province – VA page - Transcript tab.

e. Reply All to this email letting us know when his record is ready for the next step.

2. Someone at the school will print the diploma and transcript before withdrawing him with a W730.

3. I will need to adjust his record to show last years enrollment as his graduation record and move it to the Graduated School in PowerSchool once Lisa has updated the summer SRC.

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