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 ====== Graduates ====== ====== Graduates ======
-There are several situations for high school ​student to be considered a graduateEach case is handled slightly differently.+Each time a student ​graduates, the Graduate Codes need to be recorded in PowerSchool. 
 +Ensure the **grade level** ​is set to 12 on the current enrollment to include the student in the class rank, state reports and transcripts.
 +Record the Graduate Codes for each graduate on the State/​Province - VA page (General and Transcript tabs).
 +Record these fields on the General tab:
 +  * If enrolled in GED, set the appropriate **ExitDate/​ExitCode (W731)**, **GED Program Code**, **Diploma Type** & the **Graduate/​Other Completer Code** for the GED option
 +  * Set the **Uniform Certificate of General Studies/​Associate'​s Degree Flag** if applicable
 +  * Confirm the **Grad/​Other Completer Code** is accurate
 +  * Set the **Credit Accommodation Codes** if applicable
 +  * Add the **Diploma Seal** but the //​Graduate/​Other Completer Code// must be 1, 2, or 6
 +  * Set the **Early College Scholar Program Code** if needed
 +  * Add the **Graduation Plan Code**
 +On the Transcript tab:
 +  * Set the **Diploma Type**
 +  * Confirm the **Graduation Date**
 +**NOTE:** //The dates can be mass populated, but you will need to adjust the exceptions and confirm the returning seniors don't have a Graduation Date recorded.
 +There are several situations for a high school student to be considered a graduate. Each case is handled slightly differently.
   * [[.:​graduates:​OnTargetSeniors]]   * [[.:​graduates:​OnTargetSeniors]]
   * [[.:​graduates:​EarlyGraduates]]   * [[.:​graduates:​EarlyGraduates]]
 +  * [[.:​graduates:​GEDGraduates]]
   * [[.:​graduates:​APS Graduates]]   * [[.:​graduates:​APS Graduates]]
   * [[.:​graduates:​ReturningSeniors]]   * [[.:​graduates:​ReturningSeniors]]
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