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Homeroom Field Import

Contact Jennifer Rhea or Lisa Okes as you are preparing for the upcoming school year. All of last year's homeroom teachers can be cleared out of the Homeroom field in the Modify Info Page in a single operation. Once it's cleared out, there are three options for updating the homeroom teachers' names.

Option 1: Manually enter the homeroom teacher for each student on the Modify Info page. (Probably not the best!)

Option 2: If you have already scheduled students for the upcoming school year, Lisa and Jennifer can use the Home Room class rosters to mass fill the names. Just let us know when you're ready. If your school does not use homerooms, let us know and we will work with you on getting the appropriate teachers in the homeroom field.

Option 3: If you have not scheduled your students and you want the homeroom field updated, please follow these instructions to prepare a MS Excel spreadsheet for Lisa or Jennifer to import. Of course, only request this for the students that have not manually been updated.

  1. On the Start page, select All (as a grade option)
  2. From the Group Functions menu, choose Quick Export
  3. In the Field window, include:
  • student_number
  • lastfirst
  • grade_level
  • home_room
  1. Sort by grade_level
  2. Click Submit and either open or save in Microsoft Excel

Within the MS Excel Spreadsheet:

  1. Enter the teacher names in the home_room column for each student (see example below).
    • *Note:** Copy/paste to save time. MS Excel also has a memory feature that will allow you to type the first letter or two of a word and it will recall a previous entry so all you need to do is hit enter.

Once you've finished the list, save the file as an Excel (.xls) file and email it to Jennifer or Lisa.

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