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 +====== Mailing Labels ======
 +When creating mailing labels, the print settings must be correct before sending the labels to the printer. If not, the labels will not format correctly when printed.
 +If you are having trouble printing your mailing labels, check the following settings in the **System Reports > Setup (tab) > Mailing Labels** for the mailing label that you are using. This example is a guideline for all mailing labels, but are more specific to Avery 5160 Mailing labels.
 +  * Font Size: 12
 +  * Line Height: 10
 +  * Page Left Margin: 0.5"
 +  * Page Top Margin: 0.5"
 +  * Label Width is 2.75"
 +  * Label Height is 1"
 +  * 3 columns and 10 rows
 +  * No spaces between rows and columns
 +  * Vertical and horizontal padding: 0.2"
 +Depending on the type of font you use, you may have to adjust the margins to fit your text.
 +If you are still having issues when printing the labels on 5160 sheets, then you may need to adjust the "Page Scaling"​ from the **Print Options** when printing from Adobe Reader. Using "​None"​ for the "Page Scaling"​ usually works best.
 +  * Download and save your labels as a PDF
 +  * Open the PDF
 +  * Go to File > Properties > Advanced (tab)
 +  * Set Page Scaling to NONE
 +**Note:​** ​ //There are different versions of Adobe out there, so if these instructions don't work for you use the Adobe "​Help"​ and search for the word "​Scaling"​ for more assistance.//​
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