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 {{:​powerschool:​powerschool:​parchmentrosterupload.pdf|Upload Roster}} {{:​powerschool:​powerschool:​parchmentrosterupload.pdf|Upload Roster}}
 +The following email was sent on 4/25/17 about Parchment preparation.
 +  * Register for a Final Transcript Webinar and get a bunch of resources on student communication best practices so you aren't receiving a panicked phone call when August comes.
 +  * Handout the Final Transcript Ordering Sheet to your students. Make sure they select Hold For Grades.
 +  * Add or remove admins from your account so the right people in your office receive important Parchment information. You can do this by Logging In -> Settings -> Users
 +As always, I'm here to help you succeed. Please reach out to me with any questions you may have. 
 +Thank you!
 +Michele Deveney
 +Account Executive
 +480.719.1646 x1155
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