How to Create a New Line of Enrollment for Primary Disability Change of a Homebound/Homebased Student

(Central Office Personnel Only)

If a student is currently in Homebound/Homebased and has a primary disability change don't forget to mark the serving division and serving school as illustrated below.

  • To add line of enrollment when for a homebound/homebased students primary disability changes:
    • Locate the student in PowerSchool
    • Click on Functions under Enrollment
    • Select Create New School Enrollment
    • Set the Exit Date to the entry date into Homebound/Homebased
    • Select W201 (In-District Transfer) as the Exit Code
    • Set the Entry Date to the entry date into Homebound/Homebased
    • Select R115 (Re-entry In-School Transfer) as the Entry Code
    • Type PRIMARY DISABILITY as the Comment
    • Continue to mark the Serving Division to Washington County Public Schools (094)
    • Continue to mark the Serving School to Homebound (9998) or Homebased (9999)
    • Click Submit

Once completed, the Homebound/Homebased with PRIMARY DISABILITY enrollment should be similar to this entry.

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