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Section Readiness Report

During the End of Term process, administrators can verify the status of final grades in all sections by running the Section Readiness report in PowerSchool. For each section they teach, teachers either mark final grades as complete or enter comments indicating the statuses. PowerSchool administrators can view the statuses and comments on the Section Readiness page in PowerSchool by following these instructions.

1. In the main menu on the school Start Page, click School

2. Under Grading, click PowerTeacher Pro Settings

3. Under Completed Grades, click Section Readiness (the Section Readiness page appears with the list of teachers, their courses, and finalgrade verification statuses)

4. To filter the list by reporting term, open the Reporting Term menu in the filter area at the top of the page and select the term, such as Q1

5. To see which sections are not complete, open the Verified Status menu in the filter area and select Not Complete

6. Click Apply

7. Use the navigation features at the bottom of the page to scroll through the results

8. To narrow the list of results to a single teacher, click the + sign to add a filter option

9. Open the additional filter menu and select Teacher Name

10. Enter the teacher's name, such as Abram, in the filter field

11.Click Apply

Once the grades have been finalized for the current quarter, inform the SIS Technicians to store the grades for your school. The historical grades are then displayed on the report card.

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