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Cisco Phone Tips and Tricks

Voicemails Really Slow or Really Fast

This is caused by hitting the 4 or 6 button while listening to a voicemail. If you hit 4 on your phone while a voicemail is playing, it will slow down the speed. If you hit 6, it will speed it up. For some strange reason, it saves the last speed you used. The way to fix it is to hit the opposite button while a voicemail is playing until it gets back to normal.

Call Forwarding

You can forward your calls to another number. It doesn't have to be another phone extension, you could also forward to a cell phone for example. To forward your calls, hit the CFwdALL button on your phone and enter the number. If it is another internal number, just put in the 4-digit extension. If it is an outside line, enter it just as you would if you were calling it (example: 91276274xxxx). When your calls are forwarded, the screen will indicate it with text and with an animated arrow at the top right of the screen. To cancel the forward, just hit the CFwdALL button again.

Call Park

If you are in one part of the building, but need to continue a call somewhere else, you can temporarily "Park" the call. This is similar to transferring a call, but it parks it at a special extension number. Dialing that extension reconnects the call. This can also be used when you receive a call that you need to transfer to someone else, but they are not at the other phone yet. Instead of waiting on them and then transferring, you can park the call and tell them what extension to dial to reconnect the call. To Park a call, touch the More button on your phone, touch the Park button, and then hang up. Your screen will show something like "Call Park at 100". To reconnect the call, dial 100 from any Cisco phone.

Call Pickup

We have many nearby areas setup so that incoming calls can be picked up by someone else. This helps if someone is away from their desk temporarily, especially for something like the main school number. To Pickup a call from another phone: pickup your phone's receiver, touch the More button on your phone, touch Pickup, and then touch Answer. If you want phones added or deleted from your pickup group, let us know.

Up To 5-Way Conference Call

Our phones have built-in support to conference together up to 5 calls. It works similar to the Transfer feature. Once you have the first person in the call with you: touch the More button on your phone, touch the Confrn button (places the current person on hold), dial the number you want to add to the call, once they answer, press the Confrn button again to connect everyone together. You can repeat that process up to two additional times for a total of 5 active callers in the conference.

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