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Keep In Contact

Keep In Contact is a system that allows you to stay informed with information from Washington County Public Schools. It is primarily used as an emergency notification system that will email and, optionally, send a text message or call you with a recorded voice message. Additionally, once signed up, you can also choose to sign up for low-volume mailing list with news from our schools.

What Do I Need to Sign Up?

In order to sign up, you need an active email address. When you sign up, it will send you a link to click that validates that you signed up with an active email account.

I No Longer Have a Need for This Service. Will I Be Removed Automatically?

No. You voluntarily sign up and will also have to remove yourself when you no longer want the service. It is simple to do. Log in to your account and click Remove Account. After Confirmation, you will no longer receive alerts or mailing list messages.

I Forgot My Password. What Can I Do?

Don't worry. You can have a Password Reset from the Login Form. It will send you an email and you have to simply click the link in your email in order to take you to a form that will let you set a new password.

I No Longer Wish to Receive Voice Calls. What Can I Do?

You can login to your account, go to Home Phone and remove your number, then click the Update button. Then Logout

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