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Fix a Missed Punch

  1. Log into Workforce and select My Actions from the My Information tab
    A screen capture of the My Information tab
  2. Select Fix Missed Missed Punch from the list of actions
    A screen capture of the My Actions tab
  3. Fill in the Fix Missed Punch form and click Send for Approval. A notification will be sent to your manager for approval.
    1. Date should be the date of the punch to be added.
    2. Time should be the time of the punch to be added.
    3. Comment should be picked from the drop down list.
      A screen capture containing 9/13/2010 in the date field, 4:30pm in the Time field, and Forgot to Punch selected in the Comment List.
  4. You will receive a notification in your inbox once approved or rejected.


To see the notification select Inbox from the General tab and click on Messages
A screen capture of the Messages screen

To review the notification select it from the list and click Open
 A screen capture of a notification

Before and After Correction

Timecard before missed punch is fixed
A screen capture of a missed punch on a timecard.

Timecard after fix missed punch is approved.
A screen capture of corrected timecard.

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