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Remove Graduates

1. Select Tools. From drop-down menu choose Reports. Choose Saved Reports tab and Favorite. Run report Patron List – Line 1 (Report Name – Patron List – Graduated). Choose Select By: School (use number). Print PDF and save pdf file.

Patron List Graduate

 Report will give you total number of patrons listed as "graduated".

2. From the Circulation Window choose Tools and then from the drop‐down menu choose Utilities. Under Saved Utilities choose Favorite. Select Forgive Charges. Select By: School (number). Run. Any transactions associated with Patron(s) being removed must be cleared before the Patron(s) is removed.

screen shot Forgive Fines

3. After running the Forgive ChargesForgive Fines Utility, from the same list, under Utility Type, choose Remove Patron ‐ Select By: Graduated. Select By: School (number). Only change needed is to enter the school number. Run.

Screen shot of Remove Patron

4. After running the Utility, Remove PatronGraduate, from the menu bar choose Tools, then reports from the drop‐down menu. Run the report Patron List – 1 line Patron List – Graduated. Run this report to make sure all graduates have been removed. If patrons show up in the report you will need to go to Menu Bar and select Show Patrons. Look up the patron and make sure the graduate’s school is AHS, HHS, JSBHS, PHHS, or WASH. If not, and the grade field shows Graduated, change the School to one of these locations and save the PDF. You will then need to run the Utility, Forgive FinesGraduate and Remove PatronGraduated, again. These steps must be repeated until the Patron List – Graduated no longer shows patrons.

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