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Set Due Date

This utility will allow you to do a mass change at your copy site to set due dates by Student Id and ISBN. If you have any questions or problems running this report e-mail

1. Select Tools. From drop-down menu and choose Utilities. Choose Saved Utilities tab and Favorite. Select the Utility Type, Fix Due Date. Choose Edit at the right hand bottom of the screen.

screen shot of utility, fix due date

2. In the field, To Date:, choose date. Paste ISBN(I encourage always paste)in starting and ending with fields, copy student Id Numbers from spreadsheet, (you need an export from PowerSchool to obtain the Student Id and Course) paste the list of ID numbers into the Patron Barcode List, select your Copy Site. Run When completed it will take you to the reports lists but there will be no report. Close out of the utilities window (do not save).

screen shot of selection of fix due date

3. Go to Tools, Reports, Favorite and choose Copy Status Details. See screen shot. Edit.

screen shot of saved reports list

Choose Selection. Paste in ISBN, Choose Copy Site, Copy Status needs to be set at From: Checked out, Through Checked out. Print PDF

screen shot of selection

Report should reflect changes made.

screen shot of report

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