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Importing Questions to Moodle from ExamView 6.x

Importing these a question after doing these instructions once generally takes about 5 minutes. The first time may take up a bit more time as you follow them. Take your time and follow them carefully. If you have any questions, email me ( or call me at 739-3065.

Before beginning you will need to know the unique ID number that Moodle assigns to the course to which you will be importing the questions. To find this out, simply go to course in Moodle. The address bar in your web browser will display something like In this case, the unique id is, of course, 264. We need this in order to make any images display properly in the imported questions.

For the purposes of these instructions, I am saving my exported questions in My Documents. If you want to save them somewhere else, make the proper substitution for My Documents in the instructions below.

  1. Open ExamView Test Generator.
  2. Select Open an existing question bank.
  3. Browse to the desired pre-created test bank.
  4. Click Open. The test bank will load.
  5. Click File and hover the mouse over Export. Select WebCT CE 3.
  6. Click My Documents.
  7. In the field marked File name, give the set of questions a unique name. I am calling this set (for Algebra I part 1).
  8. A dialog will appear. In the field marked Category Name, I will use Algebra1-1.
  9. In the field marked WebCT Directory I also put Algebra1-1. The questions will export.
  10. Minimize or Close out of ExamView.
  11. Browse to My Documents and right-click on the file (mine is Algebra1-1) and select Extract All.
  12. Click Next
  13. Click Browse and select My Documents. This creates a folder in My Documents with the questions and images. In this case, the folder is called Algebra1-1
  14. When it is done, click Finish. You will now see the folder with the file you created earlier.
  15. Double-click the Folder (Algebra1-1). Inside you will see a file called questions. Double-click it.
  16. Click Edit, then Replace from the menu.
  17. In the field marked Find what put src="Algebra1-1 (where Algebra1-1 is what you called your test, of course). NOTE: there is no closing ".
  18. In the field marked Replace with put src="/file.php/264/Algebra1-1. 264 should be your course ID and of course, Algebra1-1 should be replaced with what you called the test earlier. NOTE: there is no closing "
  19. Click Replace All
  20. Click Cancel
  21. Click File and then Save, then close the window.

The export process is now complete. You are now ready to import the questions.

  1. Go to your course on Moodle and login.
  2. On the left hand side of the page under Administration, click Files
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click Upload a file
  4. Click Browse and locate the file that you exported. In the steps above it was Algebra1-1
  5. Click Open
  6. Click Upload this file. After a short wait you should see the file in the list.
  7. On the right hand side of the file listing you should see an option to Unzip the file. Click Unzip beside the name of the file. It will display the results. At the bottom of this screen, click OK
  8. Go back to your course. (Moodle → Your short course name).
  9. On the left hand side of the page under Administration, click Questions.
  10. If you would like to create a category, do so now.
    1. Click Categories
    2. Give the category a name. In my case I am calling it Algebra I part 1.
  11. Click Import
  12. Under File Format, select WebCT format. DO NOT select any other option on this screen or it will not work.
  13. Under General, select the category into which you want to import the questions. In this case, I am chosing Algebra I Part 1.
  14. Under Import from file upload, click Browse and select the questions file that you edited earlier.
  15. Click Open
  16. Click Upload this file
  17. The results of the import will displayed with the number of questions imported and a listing of each question.
  18. At the bottom of the page, click Continue

Congratulations, you have imported your questions from ExamView.

Again, if you have any questions or problems with these instructions, please email me: or call me at 739-3065

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