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 +====== Importing Questions to Moodle from ExamView 6.x ======
 +Importing these a question after doing these instructions once generally takes about 5 minutes. ​ The first time may take up a bit more time as you follow them.  Take your time and follow them carefully. ​ If you have any questions, email me ( or call me at 739-3065. ​
 +Before beginning you will need to know the unique ID number that Moodle assigns to the course to which you will be importing the questions. ​ To find this out, simply go to course in Moodle. ​ The address bar in your web browser will display something like http://​​course/​view.php?​id=264. ​ In this case, the unique id is, of course, **264**. ​ We need this in order to make any images display properly in the imported questions.
 +For the purposes of these instructions,​ I am saving my exported questions in **My Documents**. ​ If you want to save them somewhere else, make the proper substitution for **My Documents** in the instructions below.
 +  - Open **ExamView Test Generator**.
 +  - Select **Open an existing question bank**.
 +  - Browse to the desired **pre-created** test bank.
 +  - Click **Open**. ​ The test bank will load.
 +  - Click **File** and hover the mouse over **Export**. ​ Select **WebCT CE 3**.
 +  - Click **My Documents**.
 +  - In the field marked **File name**, give the set of questions a unique name.  I am calling this set (for Algebra I part 1).
 +  - A dialog will appear. ​ In the field marked **Category Name**, I will use Algebra1-1.
 +  - In the field marked **WebCT Directory** I also put Algebra1-1. ​ The questions will export.
 +  - Minimize or Close out of ExamView.
 +  - Browse to **My Documents** and right-click on the file (mine is Algebra1-1) and select **Extract All**.
 +  - Click **Next**
 +  - Click **Browse** and select **My Documents**. ​ This creates a folder in **My Documents** with the questions and images. ​ In this case, the folder is called Algebra1-1
 +  - When it is done, click **Finish**. ​ You will now see the folder with the file you created earlier.
 +  - Double-click the Folder (Algebra1-1). Inside you will see a file called **questions**. ​ Double-click it.
 +  - Click **Edit**, then **Replace** from the menu.
 +  - In the field marked **Find what** put **src="​Algebra1-1** (where Algebra1-1 is what you called your test, of course). ​ **NOTE:** there is no closing **"**.
 +  - In the field marked **Replace with** put **src="/​file.php/​264/​Algebra1-1**. ​ 264 should be **your course ID** and of course, Algebra1-1 should be replaced with what you called the test earlier. **NOTE:** there is no closing **"**
 +  - Click **Replace All**
 +  - Click **Cancel**
 +  - Click **File** and then **Save**, then close the window.
 +The export process is now complete. ​ You are now ready to import the questions.
 +  - Go to your course on Moodle and login.
 +  - On the left hand side of the page under **Administration**,​ click **Files**
 +  - Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click **Upload a file**
 +  - Click **Browse** and locate the file that you exported. ​ In the steps above it was Algebra1-1
 +  - Click **Open**
 +  - Click **Upload this file**. ​ After a short wait you should see the file in the list.
 +  - On the right hand side of the file listing you should see an option to Unzip the file.  Click **Unzip** beside the name of the file.  It will display the results. ​ At the bottom of this screen, click **OK**
 +  - Go back to your course. (Moodle -> Your short course name).
 +  - On the left hand side of the page under **Administration**,​ click **Questions**.
 +  - If you would like to create a category, do so now.
 +    - Click **Categories**
 +    - Give the category a name.  In my case I am calling it Algebra I part 1.
 +  - Click **Import**
 +  - Under **File Format**, select **WebCT format**. ​ **DO NOT** select any other option on this screen or it will not work.
 +  - Under **General**,​ select the category into which you want to import the questions. ​ In this case, I am chosing **Algebra I Part 1**.
 +  - Under **Import from file upload**, click **Browse** and select the **questions** file that you edited earlier.
 +  - Click **Open**
 +  - Click **Upload this file**
 +  - The results of the import will displayed with the number of questions imported and a listing of each question.
 +  - At the bottom of the page, click **Continue**
 +Congratulations,​ you have imported your questions from ExamView.
 +Again, if you have any questions or problems with these instructions,​ please email me: or call me at 739-3065
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