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Attendance Setup for Multi-Period Sections

When the Record Attendance option on the Section Setup page is set to "Record Once for all Meetings" absences, tardies, and early dismissals are doubled for students enrolled in classes that span across multiple periods. This issue affects the Quick Lookup page, the Parent Portal, and report cards. To keep this from happening, each section that spans across multiple periods must be set to record "Each Meeting Separately" on the Record Attendance line.

Follow these instructions to find any that are set incorrectly.

  1. Go to Schools > Section Attendance Settings. If no sections are listed everything is set correctly and no further action is required.
  2. If a section is listed, note the teacher, course and section number.
  3. Select the box under the Mark column and click Submit.
  4. Then go to Teacher Schedules and select the teacher, then select the number under Enrollment for that section (you may need to show dropped students).
  5. Go to the Quick Lookup page for each student and click on the number of Absences and Tardies for each class that spans across multiple periods. If you see duplicates go to the students Meeting Attendance page and remove the duplicate absence/tardy/early dismissal for the latter period.

These instructions should be followed when setting up a section to keep this issue from arising.

Guidance Counselors (Section Setup): When creating a new section for a class that spans across multiple periods (i.e. 1-2(A)) go to the line that reads "Record Attendance" and select "Each Meeting Separately". If the section only meets for one period you can leave it to the default setting of "Once for each meeting".

PowerTeacher: Let teachers know to follow the instructions below when taking attendance for a class that spans across multiple periods.

  1. After logging into PowerTeacher go to the Record Meeting Attendance page for the first period of the class and mark the absence, tardy, or early dismissal. Then click Submit.
  2. Next, if a period selection (below) is available, change it to the next period of the same class and click submit (without marking attendance). This will allow them to see the green dot indicating that they have taken attendance for that class. It also allows the attendance clerk to see the green box indicating that the teacher has taken attendance when looking at the "Teacher Attendance Submission Status" page.

Attendance Clerks (Updating Attendance): When updating a student's meeting attendance, only make the change for the first period of a multi-period section (see example below).

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