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Parent Portal Mobile App called PowerSchool Mobile

To install the Mobile App:

  • From the App Store, search on PowerSchool
  • Select PowerSchool Mobile
  • Click GET
  • Enter the password for your device
  • Once installed, click OPEN
  • Enter J L T P as the District Code
  • Login with username and password for your Parent Portal account


To access the Mobile App:

  • Go to the App on the mobile screen, titled PowerSchool
  • The student's information is available as soon as the teacher records the assignments and grades
  • Assignments are listed since the beginning of the school year along with the recorded grade
  • Future assignments are also listed as determined by the teacher

To receive notifications:

  • Click on More at the bottom of the screen
  • Select Account, then click Notifications, and then select the student's name
  • Turn on the desired notifications with the toggle slide
  • Specify the desired Frequency

To troubleshoot the Mobile App:

  • If the username and password do not work for the Mobile App, attempt to login from a computer and click on the "Forgot Username or Password" link to reset your password and click the link in the verification email to login from the secure email.
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