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Student Registration

First Question:

Is your student already active at a Washington County School?


Over the summer months, we will open the annual Washington County School (WCS) Fall Enrollment to all the parents and guardians. To register your student currently enrolled in a Washington County School, login to your Parent Portal Account. For more information about creating an account or resetting your password, follow these instructions: Parent Portal Information


For a NEW student attending WCS for the first time, or returning after being at another school and re-activating their enrollment again:
Go to the WCS homepage and navigate to the K-12 Registration and Admission link under the Parent section found at Parents » K-12 Registration and Admission

Second Question:

Are you still having difficulty logging into your Parent Portal Account?


  • Click on Forgot Password or Username whenever you need to change it.
  • WAIT for the Verification Email to login after a password change.
  • Check your Junk folder for the Verification Email.
  • Ensure you have a strong internet connection for your device.
  • Click on the secure link within the verification email to login for the added layer of security.
  • If you are still having issues logging into your Parent Portal account, contact your school. They can activate your account, reset your password or add a new student to an inactive WCS family account. They will need to search for your contact record(s) and merge them together, asking for input while you are still on the phone.


Third Question:

Are you having difficulty with the Enrollment Forms?


  • Use a computer. Cellphones don't always work for compatibility issues.
  • Once you are logged into the Parent Portal, UPDATE the forms for your student.
  • Navigate to the FORMS on the left-side of the Parent Portal page.
  • Click the Enrollment tab to see the list of Enrollment forms to register your student.
  • If you are unable to Submit your changes, an error might appear indicating a required field is missing in your current Form. Scroll over the page and fill in the fields with a red asterisk. *
  • If you don't have any changes to the Birth Certification form, you can skip the page and click on another tab to see another Form. You don't have to click Submit if there aren't any changes. Returning students are not required to upload the Birth Certificate.
  • Also, the Proof of Residency is not required for WCS returning active students.
  • When a Form turns yellow, don't be alarmed. You might even see a Warning popup say "Warning! This Form is currently pending approval." This means the enrollment clerk at the school needs to review your changes before they can be added to your student's record in PowerSchool. We are making every effort to ensure the safety of all the students to update every guardian and emergency contact. Please continue to inform your schools directly with any concerns.
  • A red flag might appear on a Form indicating the field value was changed. Please let your school know if you are having difficulty entering the data correctly. An emailed screenshot of the error is very helpful.


  • Navigate through all of the forms to make your updates. A green popup will say "Thank you! Form Submitted!" after each time you click Submit.
  • When you reach the last form, titled WCVAPS: Z - Acknowledgment of Completion, a green popup will appear to say "Thank You! You have acknowledged that all forms are complete. You may now log out of the Public Portal. Your school will be in touch if anything else is needed."
  • CONGRATULATIONS! You are finished. Unfortunately, the form will popup again, but you do not need to fill it out again.
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