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PowerSchool Contacts

  • Multiple Access Accounts
  • Relationship Error
  • Removing A Contact Relationship for a Student
  • SchoolMessenger GuardianEmail

With the upgrade of PSv12 and PSv19 in the of Fall 2019, we were required to move to the new data structure for the Contact records within PowerSchool SIS.

This install was hidden for several months with a PlugIn that Hid the Contacts. The training session was conducted with a representative from each school in our district. We explained how the contacts were today and how we were planning to consolidate them into a single record across all the schools as they were related to various students.

During the December 11, 2019 VAPSUG meeting, several districts expressed concerns about the amount of work involved and several of the pitfalls involved. This page is an attempt to capture some of the information for reference and instructional communication. It is by no means a fully comprehensive list of ideas. If you have anything to contribute, please email Your feedback is much appreciated.

Multiple Access Accounts

This is a problem. PowerSchool SIS does not have the ability to merge multiple Parent Portal login Access Accounts. There are ways to see the last login for the parent and even the email used; however, the parent that setup their account to send out notifications on a regular basis but rarely logs into the Parent Portal account is not detected. The mobile app for Parent Portal is also undetected. So, it is best to contact the parent directly and ask which account is preferred and remove the unused accounts.

There is the ability to add all of the children to the access account if desired. Again, work with the parents and consider custody situations before adding students to the Data Access list.

Relationship Error

  • When Consolidating a parent that is also designated as an Emergency Contact, a relationship conflict will prevent the contact from being consolidated completely. Click on the pencil icon highlighted in yellow to the right of the Student listed in the Contact's record.

Then, click on the All tab of the Details for the student's relationship. Finally, click on Delete to remove the conflicting relationship. Click OK on the following screens. Finally, scroll down and click Submit Consolidation. The Emergency relationship needs to be removed and the Mother/Father relationship needs to remain untouched. If there are multiple of the same Mother/Father then keep the one with the most checkmarks.

NOTE: Scroll down to see the multiple yellow bars titled "No Start Date - No End Date" indicating the conflicting relationships. Click on the tiny arrow to expand the bar to see the full details.

Removing a Contact Relationship to a Student

Changing the contact information on the Emergency/Medical page will update the contact information on the new Contact page; however, removing an Emergency contact is more complicated. If a Contact relationship needs to be removed completely from a student, the Contact needs to be removed from the Contact page. Removing the name only from the Emergency/Medical page will not remove the relationship from the student.

To remove the relationship, click on the [ - ] icon found on the right side of the pencil icon. If the Contact has Data Access, you might need to Delete and Update Access. Otherwise, just click Delete Only and don't change the Parent Portal access accounts.

SchoolMessenger GuardianEmail

  • When using SchoolMessenger to communicate with the Parents/Guardians, the GuardianEmail listed on the Demographics page and the Parent Information page needs to remain untouched. For this to happen during Contact Consolidation, keep the "No Name: XXXX" records separate from the Consolidated Contacts. In other words, check the box to exclude the Original Contact Type of Guardian. This record might have a specific name or might be titled "No Name: XXXX"

There might even be multiple guardian records that need to be excluded from the consolidation.

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