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Creating a Form Letter

NOTE: Please don't modify the Generic Form Letters since these are used at ALL of the schools throughout the District.

When a mass mailing is needed for the students or staff, creating a Form Letter can be the more efficient method. For a standard letter, please communicate with the IS department to share your letter format or ask if another school has a similar form already created.

Possible Subjects for Form Letters

  • Welcome
  • Tardy
  • Unexcused Absences

To Create a Form Letter:

  1. Select System Reports under Reports
  2. Click the Setup tab
  3. Click Form Letters
  4. Click New
  5. Click Report Body to format the text of the letter
  6. Compose the letter intended for an individual while replacing the personal information with tags for PowerSchool values
  7. HTML tags are optional and can be used to format the text of the letter
  8. PowerSchool data tags are used to pull the individual values for each student:
    • school name = ^(schoolname)
    • school address = ^([039]schooladdress)
    • student's firstname = ^(first_name)
    • student's lastname = ^(last_name)
    • student's mailing address = ^(mailing_street), ^(mailing_city), ^(mailing_state) ^(mailing_zip)
    • current date = ^[]
    • school principal = ^([039]Principal)
    • school assistant principal = ^([039]AsstPrincipal)

Note: If the values are not accurate, update them within PowerSchool.

Sample Form Letter Format

Sample Correspondence

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