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Grades & Grading Custom Reports

Class Grades - View any section with assighments in pseudo Gradebook view.

Current Teacher Comments and Grades - View all Teacher Comments and Grades for the current grade term

Detailed Grade Information - View grade information for the currently selected term by student, teacher, department, house and team

Final Grade Setups - View how teachers setup their gradebook final grades

Grade Information by Future Course Request - View Grade Information for all students who are requesting a certain course next year

Grade Verification Report - Check the PowerTeacher Portal (Grade Verification package) version of the Grade Verification Report.

Gradebook Categories - View all the different categories being used by the teachers in their gradebooks.

Gradebook Vs. Stored Grades - Shows any grade where the gradebook letter grade doesn't match the stored grade's letter grade.

Gradebook Percent vs. Letter Grade - Compare letter grades to percents in the gradebook and show any that don't agree. Good to check to make sure the precents have been changed so that the automatic Y1 calculation matches what the parents will be calculating.

Gradebook Preferences - Display the Gradebook preferences for Rounding/Truncating and Decimal place accuracy.

Graduation Statistics - Check the graduation statistics by year and month.

Honor Roll Students this Year - Check who made honor roll at least once this year.

Internal Grade Summary by Course - Check the Averages of Tests or Terms by Course Number and Year.

Last Gradebook Update - Search for gradebooks that haven't been updated in X days.

Letter Grades Report - Search for D, F or I grades in teacher's current gradebooks

List Class Detail - Search teacher's current gradebooks for grades within a desired percent range

Missing Grades - Missing Stored Grades.

Percent Grades Report - Search teacher's current gradebooks for grades within a desired percent range

Search by Grade & Attendance - Search for students within % range for sections and/or % attendance for given grading periods.

Standards Grade's Look-Up - Look up standards based on Standard Name.

Stored Grades Report - Search stored grades for D, F or I

Teacher Pass Rate Dashboard - Teacher Passing Percentages by Period

Verification Detial Information - Display verification information that the teachers see.

Web Gradebook Asmt Status - View a students grades for Missing, Late, Collected and Exempt

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