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Daily Report

You can set the Refresh Attendance Tracking Data to run each night at the District Level for all the schools. Set the report to run At Night and choose today's date and the time you want it to run. After you submit the report, go to the Report Queue Settings and choose Current Reports or click the Report Queue icon in the breadcrumb bar. Click on the report name and change the When To Execute from At Night to Execute Daily or Execute on Week Days. Once you submit it, you'll see the status of when it will run in the Report Queue. At WCS, we have it set to run on Week Days at 11:30 AM. There have been a few times when I did notice that the state unexcused screen was not showing the previous night's date as the last refresh date. Generally, after we've applied an update. Deleting the report from the queue and reading it as a new report worked to start it back up again.

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