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How to Remove Empty Sections

At first glance, a zero (0) enrollment might show an empty section; however, often times there are dropped students still enrolled in the section and might even have other data attached such as attendance and grades. All of these pieces must be addressed to clear the database and avoid orphaned records. If a dropped student has grades in the section it should NOT be deleted if (1)enrollment in section is > 20 days and (2)grades have been stored for that course. Before contacting the SIS Technician to delete empty sections, ensure all the dropped students have been removed along with their attendance codes (or grades have been transferred as mentioned above). The exit dates also need to be set accordingly.

To remove dropped student from section:

  • Select <specific school> under the School: drop-down menu
  • Search for the student
  • Click Quick Lookup
  • Click the Show dropped classes also link
  • Notice if any grades were recorded for the dropped class

  • Navigate to the Attendance page
  • Click Meeting
  • Click Show dropped classes also
  • Remove (or move) any attendance codes for the dropped class

  • Click All Enrollments
  • Locate the dropped class and click on Edit
  • Notice the Enroll Date and the Exit Date need to be the same date before the section can be deleted

  • Modify the DateLeft field to equal the EnterDate for each dropped student

Once all of these steps have been completed, contact the SIS Technician to delete the truly empty section.

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