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 +====== Excellent Attendance List and Certificate ======
 +**Note: To get a list of students who have 1-3 absences the Search by Grades/​Attendance will need to be ran twice. Once to get a list of students with 3 or less absences and again to narrow that list down to 1-3 absences.**
 +  * On the PowerSchool Start Page select the group of students you want to work with
 +  * **Example:​** //All students or an individual grade//
 +  * In the lower right corner click on the drop down arrow and select **Search by Grades/​Attendance**
 +  * Adjust the parameters as shown below
 +  * Click **Submit**
 +  * The next page will be Group Functions
 +  * At the top of the Group Functions page verify that there are X number of students in the //Current student selection// and note the number in blue
 +  * Click on **Search by Grades/​Attendance** again
 +  * Adjust the parameters as shown below
 +  * Click **Submit**
 +  * If you would like to print certificates choose **Print Reports**
 +  * Next to //Which report would you like to print?// choose **Excellent Attendance Certificate**
 +  * Adjust the parameters as you wish
 +  * Click **Submit** to run the certificates
 +  * You can verify that all students with 1-3 absences printed by cross referencing the certificates with the [[powerschool:​powerschool:​attendancecount|]] report
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