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15 Day Drop

When a student fails to attend school for an extended day period, the attendance is tallied. Once 15 days have passed, the student is dropped.

  • Navigate to the Enrollment Functions
  • Transfer comment = 15 day drop
  • Select Transfer Out of School
  • Exit Date = day after the 15th recorded absence
  • Exit Code = W970 (Withdrawn after 15 Consecutive Absences)

You will need to update the W9XX when it is still attached to the current enrollment record or when it is attached to a previous school's re-enrollment record. If a student returns to the same school, you won't have to update the W9XX exit code. This code is reported on the EOY Student Record Collection extract.

Returning from 15 Day Drop

If the student returns after a 15 day drop, use R418 with an Entry comment "Re-entry after 15 day drop."

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