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Governor's School Class (LHGS) Enrollments

When a student attends at least one Gov School class XXXXG, a new enrollment must be created for the student.

  • The Responsible Div/School is blank to default to the home school
  • The Serving Div/School is set to (268)(0010) for the full term of the class. Don't assume the term is yearlong.
  • At the beginning of Semester 2, create a new enrollment if the course is only a Semester (S1 or S2) course to show the changing Serving Div/School
  • If the course is a year-long class or if they are enrolled in a S1 AND a S2 class, the same enrollment can be kept for the entire year.
  • NOTE: Also set the Tuition Code on the State/Providence - VA page to be Paid Tuition to Regional Center (04)

On the Transfer Info page, the new enrollment looks like this if the LHGS class was in Semester 1 and the student didn't take a LHGS class in Semester 2.

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