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Health Reports

NOTE: There are ways to search the custom fields off the Immunizations page for health information.
Example: To find all the students within PowerSchool that still need immunization records, search on ID_Immune_Status=

  • Find students without any insurance information indicated
  • Insurance=
  • Find students without the 2nd MMR immunization
  • Mmr2=
  • Find students without all three 3 heptitis B immunizations
  • hepatitis3=
  • Find students with a date of last Dtap of 5th grade students
  • Grade_level=5;dtp1=
  • Grade_level=5;dtp2=
  • Grade_level=5;dtp3=
  • Grade_level=5;dtp4=
  • Grade_level=5;dtp5=
  • Grade_level=5;dtp6=
  • DOB>xx/xx/xxxx;dtpy=
  • (customize the birthday and the dose)
  • Find medical alert students
  • alert_medical # ""

To create a list of students with names, grades, homeroom teacher, and medical alert:

  1. Perform the medical alert student search, alert_medical # ""
  2. Once the students are selected, click Quick Export from the Group Functions menu
  3. Use these fields to generate the list of students with medical alerts. Modify as desired from the Fields link.


  • PowerSchool Student Searches
  • ReportWorks report templates

To log into ReportWorks, click ReportWorks under Reports.
Select the Setup tab, then click the ReportWorks link to launch the application.

Use the same username and password as the PowerSchool account to log into ReportWorks.

First, select to start a new report project based on a template to see if there is an existing report.

There are several student health report templates listed.

  • Aggregate Immunization Summary
  • Health Office Visits by Student
  • Health Screenings

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