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Honor Roll

At the end of each quarter, many students at each school qualify to be on the Honor Roll. The honor roll is determined by the grades in the Historical Grades page, which are stored after the teachers have finalized their gradebooks. There are several reports to list the Honor Roll students.

To record the Honor Roll, the SIS Technician needs to Calculate the Honor Roll for the current reporting period. The school must send a separate email with this request after the grades have been stored.

Once the Honor Roll has been calculated, the student's Honor Roll record is visible on the Honor Roll page.

The reporting clerk may also run the Honor Roll report from two methods:

Method 1: Honor Roll - System Report

  • Select the group of students, for example click All
  • From the System Report - System Tab under Grades and Gradebook, click Honor Roll
  • Select the Honor Roll Method, such as Honor Roll Q3(Grade 1-2).

  • Another option is to choose All as the Honor Roll Method to produce a running list of all of the Honor Rolls for each Quarter of the year.

This report shows only the list of students which earned the Honor Roll for the specific Quarter corresponding to the chosen Honor Roll Method. Note: The 1st and 2nd grades are listed separately when the Honor Roll method is chosen.

If you run the honor roll for Y1 it's looking at the Y1 store code for all of the student's current classes. If you're wanting to get just those students who made the all A honor roll every quarter for the current year, you have to run the Honor Roll Yearly from Print a Report.

Method 2: Print Report - Honor Roll Yearly

  • After selecting the group of students, Example: click All
  • Select the group function Print a Report
  • Navigate to the Honor Roll Yearly, or Honor Roll Yearly - 1st & 2nd

This report shows the full list of selected students and specifies which students have earned the Honor Roll for each Quarter marking period for the current school year. The advantage of this report is that it can be ran at the end of the school year so the entire year can be seen on one report.
Note: The 1st and 2nd grades are listed separately when the Honor Roll method is chosen.

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