How to Run the Kindergarten Standards Progress Report Card from PowerSchool

  1. Enter your Username;password. Then click on Sign In.
  2. Once inside PowerSchool, select a set of students.
  3. From the Group Functions menu, select Print Report.
  4. Select the General KG Report Card XXXX-XX - with comments where, XXXX-XX is the current school year.
  5. The Report Queue will display the Kindergarten Report Card status.
  6. Once the report is Completed, select View. Use this opportunity to proofread the report rather than printing and wasting valuable resources. The report can be saved to a computer as an Adobe Acrobat document and emailed for review.

How to Print the Progress Report Card

  1. Select the set of students desired. Some choose to print the entire grade by selecting the K on the PowerSchool start page while others choose to select the students from a specific Teacher's schedule.
  2. To print the reports by the Homeroom teachers, select the By Period option and select 8

  1. Print one or two reports as a test before printing the full set of students.
  2. The printer settings for the Kindergarten Report Card are different than the other report cards. Each printer is different as well.
  3. Ensure the printer selected has these main selections chosen: Legal sized paper, Landscape orientation, Fit to size, Double-sided and Flip on the short edge of the legal paper.
  4. If the printer does not allow double or 2-sided printing, choose to print the odd pages then reinsert the paper and print the even pages. This can be a very involved process; therefore, we recommend printing from a more advanced printer.

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