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Phone Number Search

To find the student record related to a specific phone number, run a Custom Report.

From PowerSchool, go under Reports and select System Reports, then click the Custom Reports tab. Under Misc., select Phone Number Search report to find the contact information fields that have the phone number in question.

Type in the phone number without any punctuation. Example: 2765551234 The results will list each instance found in PowerSchool. The school will need to make the change or remove the phone number.

If the number is not found, contact the Technology department to remove the number from SchoolMessenger. After the phone number is removed from PS, it was still in SchoolMessenger. In order for the system to totally remove that number from SM, it also has to be deleted from PowerSchool. SchoolMessenger will draw from the master contact list. Removing a number from PowerSchool will not automatically remove it from SchoolMessenger.

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