PowerSchool Public Portal Access List and Parental Access Statistics Report

Search your students to find the ones without a Parent Portal Account linked to their record in PowerSchool. GuardianAccessAssigned = False

Public Portal Access List

This gives you a list of contacts linked to your students who have an Public Portal (Access) account.

  • Select All from the Start Page to select the entire set of students at the current school
  • Navigate to the Contacts tab
  • Select Active in the dropdown box next to Status
  • Select Has Access Account in the dropdown box next to Access Status
  • Check the box for [X] Filter By Current Student Selection accounts only
  • Click on the Search icon
  • Highlight the list on the screen
  • Copy (Ctr-C) & Paste (Ctrl-V) the results from each page into an Excel spreadsheet

Note: You may notice some contacts that need to be consolidated within the resulting list.

Parent/Student Access Statistics Report

This gives you an idea of how many are actually using the portal.

  • Select System Reports from the Start Page
  • Select Parental Access Statistics in the Statistics section
  • Insert a date range of your choice
  • Click Submit

Access this short video to help parents/students learn how to access the PowerSchool Mobile App for Parents And Students.


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