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Pre-Registration for Upcoming School Year

Before Pre-Registration can begin, the SIS staff needs to complete the calendar setup and the FTE values for the upcoming school year. They will need to go through and run the automated calendar setup and go into the Full-Time Equivalencies and resubmit the page. Once they do that, the FTE's for next school year will be available.

Attached are instructions and tips on pre-registering students in PowerSchool. Please print the document and keep it handy for reference. If anyone else at your school enrolls students, please share this document with them as well.

New and Transferring K-12 Registration and Admission is a detailed reference guide for Pre-Registration.


Once the school approves the Pre-Registered student, their record should look like this.

Reminder: Set the Term to the next year so the student won't be enrolled in the current school year. Also use the start date for the next school year as the Entry Date for the new enrollment.


If you get a records request from another school division DO NOT withdraw students prior to the End of Year Process which typically occurs in early-July. You will be notified by Information Systems when it is okay to do so.

DO NOT pre-register students in PowerSchool if they are transferring to your school from within Washington County Schools. If they are active in Washington County during or at the end of the previous school year, then the end of year process will update their enrollment record for the new school year as long as their Next School Indicator is set to transfer to your school.

DO NOT pre-register existing active Washington County students as this will duplicate student records which will affect multiple programs in our school system.
WARNING: Remember to merge the student records in the Pre-Registration process.

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