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===== How to Create a List from PowerSchool to send a Notification in SchoolMessenger ===== When a notification needs to be sent out to a specific group of students, there is a way to pull the list from PowerSchool, and then create a recipient list for SchoolMessenger to use for the notification. - Create the custom list from any type of student data, search for the group of students using any criteria. Refer to the [[powerschool:powerschool:studentsearches|Student Searches]] wiki page for more details. **Example:** To find all students that ride bus #100 in the morning, use the search string: **busam1=100** {{ :schoolmessenger:bus_100_psexport.png |}} - From PowerSchool, export the Student Numbers from the group of selected students. * Select Quick Export from the group function list. * Type **Student_Number** for the field. * Select **Comma** as the Field Delimiter. * Uncheck Column Titles on 1st Row. * Click **Submit** * Save the resulting text file to a convenient location. {{ :schoolmessenger:student_number_schoolmessenger.png |}} - Next, login to [[https://asp.schoolmessenger.com/washingtoncounty/|School Messenger]] * Click the **Broadcasts** tab * Select **Lists** * Click **Add New List** * Enter //List Name// * Choose **Upload List** at the bottom of the screen {{ :schoolmessenger:List_Editor.png |}} - Upload the list of Student Numbers into SchoolMessenger * Select **ID# lookup** * Click **Choose File** to locate the file exported from PowerSchool * Click **Next** {{ :schoolmessenger:Upload_List.png |}} - Retrieve the contact information from the Student Numbers * The contacts found will be listed with the** Matched ID#s**. * Click **Save** {{ :schoolmessenger:My_Lists.png |}} The result is a list of recipients stored in SchoolMessenger. **Example:** The list consists of all students marked as riding the morning bus 100 in PowerSchool. Remember to repeat these steps for //busam2//, for those students that transfer onto bus 100. This method is also useful for an activity or club roster. The possibilities are endless.

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