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Using Quick Export to Analyze Data for Missing STI's

Data preparation for growth assessments is scheduled to be pulled mid August. Student STI's along with other required data need to be in PowerSchool before the end of this week. STI's, state testing identifiers, are used statewide for growth assessments and testing purposes. They are normally assigned automatically through a program called SIF. But before this process can happen the required fields (below) must be entered in PowerSchool.

You should also be getting a daily automated email that appears to be from Karen Gilbert that lists missing data in PowerSchool that is needed for this purpose and others. If you're not getting those, let her know. For now, to speed up the process, please perform the following searches in PowerSchool to get a list of students who are currently missing STI's and enter the appropriate data.

1. For Missing STI's:

  State_StudentNumber =

From that list, verify that each student's data entry has been completed. You can use List Functions to easily check for missing data. If you need help with that let me or Lisa Okes ( know. If you find that all the fields below have data in them and the student still doesn't have an STI please send the student number (begins with 960) to Karen at so she can look into it.

  On the Enrollment page (Transfer Info):
      Entry Date
      Entry Code
      Grade Level
      Responsible Division (leave blank if not different than Wash Co)
      Responsible School (leave blank if not  different than your school)
      Serving Division (leave blank if not different than Wash Co)
      Serving School (leave blank if not  different than your school)
  On the Demographics page:
      Date of Birth (DOB)
      Student Number (960 number that should be assigned automatically, unless you find that the student already has a number in the district search).

2. For missing Military Connected Flag (located on the State/Province-VA page)

  From the Start page run the following search to get a list of those missing a MCF. If there are no students returned no further action is required.
      Elementary: S_VA_STU_X.Military_Connected = ;Grade_Level >= 3
      Middle: S_VA_STU_X.Military_Connected = 

Let us know if you have any questions.



Jennifer Rhea, SIS Specialist

  • Find the students with a missing STI with this search string

State_StudentNumber =

  • Go to the Group Functions at the bottom right and click the down arrow to select the QUICK EXPORT
  • Use these fields (copy/paste because every letter counts) to create an export file with all the values recorded in PowerSchool:


  • Open MS Excel and then navigate to the Download folder to open the text export file (choose to display All Files not only Excel Files)
  • Click Next, next, next, finish to import the text file into the MS Excel file
  • Click to top left corner of the Excel file to highlight the entire spreadsheet
  • Navigate to the Filter-Sort option to sort all highlighted columns

Now, you can FILTER on the blank values in each column separately to find the missing data. Remember, the Responsible Div, School, Serving Div, Schools should be BLANK – that is GOOD HINT: I created this file for VIES while creating these instructions. They are only missing the Ethnicity / Race. You can start looking at those first.

Remember:With the Student number in your export file, you can also have us import the missing data for you! Fill it in and send it to me or Jennifer.

Thank you for all your hard work. Let us know how to help you. Lisa Okes, SIS Support Specialist

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