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Report List of Graduates

From time to time, a list of graduates is needed. This search from the district level will list the early, on-time, and late graduates for the 14-15 school year. Do a quick export of the desired fields such as gender and import the list into MS Excel for analysis. /*as_of=5/15/19;S_VA_STU_X.Graduation_Date#;entrydate>=8/8/18;exitdate<7/1/19;Graduated_SchoolID=xxxx
This does not handle the IEP students that returned after graduation.

From the District level, use this search:

From the School level, use a search like this one:
*as_of=5/1/19; entrydate>=8/8/18;S_VA_STU_X.Graduation_Date#;graduated_schoolID=1040

When you find the list of graduates, do a Quick Export or List Students with the graduate codes desired. Some schools need the number of students and their plans for the future.

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