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 +====== Search By Grades/​Attendance ======
 +At times, a staff member may want to contact parents for all students that received an F grade in the previous quarter. \\
 +To run this search in PowerSchool:​
 +  * Click **Attendance**
 +  * Click **Search By Grades/​Attendance**
 +  * Enter the desired search criteria
 +  * Click **Submit**
 +  * The resulting student can become the current selection or a list of students.
 +  * Once the current list is selected, a Form Letter can be generated for each student. ​
 +      * For a single letter, click **Print a Report** and select the letter from the drop-down menu.
 +      * For a group of students letters, click **Functions** and under //​Printing//​ select **Print Reports**.
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