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Section Enrollment Audit

Guidance Counselors, Enrollment Clerks, and Attendance Clerks at WCS use this report to detect POSSIBLE section enrollment errors. Example: A student enrolled in school, but not enrolled in any classes.
Example: A student has course date misalignments, where their course start dates do not match their school enrollment date.

From the PowerSchool start page, choose System Reports from the main menu. The Reports page appears.

On the System tab, click Section Enrollment Audit under Membership and Enrollment. The Possible Conflicts for Section Enrollment Audit page displays any section enrollment errors.

Note: All enrollment dates and class start dates must be accurate. This affects the Monthly Attendance reports as well as State Report totals. On the last school day of every month (before the Principal's Monthly Attendance Report is run) or as requested, please work with each other and run the Section Enrollment Audit to get a list of students who have either of the following errors: To avoid having to run the report multiple times right click on the students name and select to open link in new tab or window.

Students enrolled in school, but not in any classes. All students should have a class schedule whether it be in the students membership school or in classes at another school (such as the Neff Center or the Bridge program).

Students with course date misalignments with school enrollments. Once you verify the student’s enrollment start date, you will need to either adjust the entry date in the students’ Transfer Info page or the class start date(s) located in the students’ All Enrollments page depending on the situation.

EXCEPTIONS: Disregard the error if a student has had an extra line of enrollment added due to a change in special ed placement (primary disability), homebound, homebased, or home-instruction placement, tuition code, or grade level.

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