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Student Information Update Form

This form is used during Registration to aid the parents/guardians with updating the information stored in PowerSchool for their student(s).

Note: The Homeroom field is used in the Student Information Update form. If the Homeroom has not been updated for the fall, the previous teacher might be displayed incorrectly.

To run this report:

  • Select the set of students desired from the PowerSchool start page
  • Select the Print a Report option for a single student, or Print Reports for a group of students
  • Select Student Information Update from the list of reports
  • Select the sorting option desired, such as by homeroom or alphabetical

If printing one page at a time is still necessary, just setup the print job to print one page at a time. Print page one, flip over the stack, then print the second page. Setting up the print job is the only extra step. Using a two-sided printer will be less effort. Avoid printing two pages to save paper and avoid staples.

Print the pages in Booklet form to print both pages on one side of the paper. Choose whichever choice is best.

Here is a sample report. The school year and homeroom teacher are provided on the top right corner to show the timeframe for the information. Only the updated information will need to be corrected in PowerSchool once the information has been received at Registration. A corresponding customized Registration page is being developed within PowerSchool to improve efficiency when updating this information.

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