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Special Education

List the Special Ed students who have dropped out. Use this search and change the entrydate to the first day of school for the previous year. /S_VA_STU_X.Primary_Disability_Code#;exitCode contains W8;entrydate>=8/10/15
NOTE: Remember to change 8/10/15 to the first day of school for the current school year.

The Fall Dropout Report is actually for the previous year so you'll need to use the first day of the previous school year. In this case it would be 8/10/2015.​ They wait until after the Fall SRC report is complete just to make sure the students don't show up in the fall after dropping out in the previous school year.

To view a specific student to see if they are considered Special Ed, go to the Transfer Info page and click on the date of the enrollment in question. This can be used when entering a Discipline Log for a specific timeframe.

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