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   * {{:​powerschool:​powerschool:​10daymiddle.xls}}   * {{:​powerschool:​powerschool:​10daymiddle.xls}}
   * {{:​powerschool:​powerschool:​10dayhighschool.xls}}   * {{:​powerschool:​powerschool:​10dayhighschool.xls}}
 +====== Safety Zone ======
 +Exceptions might include a student in Safety Zone at the beginning of school. The attendance should be marked as **EXT** and when the 10th day has arrived, contact Special Services so the student is not missed. During the 10 day Enrollment Report, this Safety Zone student will be counted as a No Show. Typically, Safety Zone students are put in Homebound/​Homebased programs with the attendance dates changed to include the Safety Zone timeframe.
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