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Truancy - RETIRED SRC Field

After providing a count of truant students (with 6 or more unexcused absences) for another school division, SIS Technician noticed that in most schools the number of students with the Truancy Conference Flag marked YES was significantly lower than the number of students with 6 or more unexcused absences. These two numbers should be fairly close unless a multitude of conferences aren't being scheduled OR parents aren't showing up for them. But, if a conference was held AND the absences were excused THEN the UNX and UNV absent codes should be changed to an excused absence in the Daily and Meeting pages of PowerSchool (by the attendance clerk). If after the truancy meeting the absences were not excused then the students Truancy Conference Flag should be marked as YES (by the attendance clerk). To see how I came up with my totals and to help verify your schools totals please follow these steps. 1. Run this search from the start page of PowerSchool to get the number of students who are flagged as truant on the State/Province - VA page: /EntryDate >= 8/10/2016;S_VA_STU_X.Truancy_Conference_TF = T 2. Next, from the start page of PowerSchool go to Attendance (top left under Functions) and run the Attendance Count report using the parameters highlighted in the attached document. 3. From the Report Queue page click on "View" for the Attendance Count report to get a list of students who have 6 or more unx/unv absences. 4. At the bottom of the student list click on "Functions" to see the total number of students in the list (it will be in at the top, center of the page).

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