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 +====== User Login Count ======
 +To see how often a staff member logs into PowerSchool,​ run a //Custom Report//.
 +From PowerSchool,​ go under //Reports// and select **System Reports**, then click the //Custom Reports// tab. Under //​Security//,​ select **User Login Count** report.
 +**Note:** //Teacher is the generic term used for a staff member//.
 +Specify the desired date range, number of logins, grade levels and login type for the login count. ​
 +  * Select the Group desired or leave as **Any Group**
 +  * Ensure the start date is changed from the default, 01/01/1990, to an appropriate date
 +  * Select **1** as the minimum number of logins to only report those that logged in at least once
 +  * Select the **Teacher** as the Login Type to show all staff members
 +The reported list can then be exported in multiple formats including MS Excel for analysis, or a PDF file to email as an attachment. Scroll to the right of the screen to see these options.
 +Finally, the option to **Make these the active selection of teachers** has multiple uses including all of the //Group Functions// available to PowerSchool.
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