Virtual Virginia (NOT - R7VA / Stride / Virtual Virginia Academy)

Some of you may already be aware that there is an online school available to all students residing in Virginia called Virginia Virtual Academy (VAVA). VAVA is a tuition-free program of the King and Queen County Public Schools, the Patrick County Public Schools and the Richmond City Public Schools. This is not a home school program so it is not necessary for parents to complete the "Intent to Homeschool" form required by our division. However, they should provide documentation that serves as "proof" that their child has been accepted in the VAVA program. We should get records requests as well, either from VAVA or the above mentioned counties. When this is the case we should be withdrawing the student with an exit code of W402 (transfer to a public school in Virginia).

Errors returned by the Spring SRC indicate that we already have some students who have left our division to attend VAVA. In some instances we have used the wrong withdrawal codes. We have also had a few students return to us from the program in which we've used the wrong entry code. We have already addressed the incorrect entry codes, however we need to address the exit codes that may be incorrect. With that being said, please run the following search to get a list of students transferred out to home school for this school year.

/ExitDate >= 8/9/2017;ExitCode = W313 

Once you have the list please confirm whether you have a record of them being approved for home schooling or if you have a records request from VAVA (or one of the above mentioned Virginia school divisions). If you have a records request for any of them, the students exit code should be updated from W313 to W402. We will also be checking against a list provided by the central office as a cross reference just to make sure we haven't missed any students.

Also, since the VAVA is not considered home schooling you will need to correct your entry and exit comments to read "Virginia Virtual Academy".

For the Student Record Collection, set the SRC fields to the following:

Full-Time Virtual Virginia Enrollment

If a student is enrolled in Virtual Virginia as a full-time student, a separate enrollment must be created for the current year.

  • Set the Responsible Div/School as the home school
  • Set the Serving Div/School as Virtual Virginia
  • Set the State fields on the State/Province - VA page
    • Set the Tuition Paid Code to 18
    • Set the Full-Time Virtual Virginia code to 8

On the Transfer Info page - Edit Enrollment:

On the State/Province - VA page:

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