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VHCC Instructor Led Section Setup (for MSC reporting)

Starting in the 2022-23 school year all SVETN (ELITE) courses are being taught as VHCC courses. Because of this transition, there will be more virtual/instructor taught VHCC courses to report on the Master Schedule Collection than usual. To be able to differentiate between VHCC classes being taught in-house versus by a VHCC instructor (virtually or on-campus), it is imperative that you mark them appropriately for each Section in PowerSchool.

Follow the instructions below to flag all VHCC course being taught by a VHCC instructor (whether virtually or on the VHCC campus).

  • Add "Teacher, VHCC" as a Co-teacher in the Teachers/Staff-Additional field. This allows the MSC collection manager to double check that the local provider information is complete before uploading data to the VDOE for reporting. Note that the class proctor should be listed as the Lead Teacher in the Teacher-Section Lead field. This allows that teacher to log into PowerTeacher to take attendance and/or enter grades.

  • Flag all VIRTUALLY TAUGHT VHCC sections appropriately. If a section is taught in-house by a WCS teacher, it should NOT be marked as virtual.

  • Include all Local Provider information as indicated for all VHCC instructor led classes (Teacher Role Code should always be Teacher of Record(1).

I am getting a headstart on the EOY Master Schedule Collection (MSC). As with every other year we have to report local provider information for every class section that is being taught by someone or some entity other than our own licensed teachers (fields from the scheduling setup page are below). Unless completed, we risk reporting teachers as not being endorsed to teach.

Local Provider ID Local Provider Name Local Provider Description

Local Provider information is necessary for the following sections.

APEX E&H SVETN VHCC Unlicensed teachers Long term substitutes: for vacant positions (if that position was vacant on October 1 for the Fall MSC and the last day of school for the EOY MSC). Please replace any teacher that has left WCS and is still listed as the lead teacher in sections. SEE SPREADSHEET FOR FURTHER INFORMATION.

Note: Required EVERY TIME a new section is create regardless of licensure: Teacher Role Code (should be Teacher of Record (1) unless indicated on attached spreadsheet)

If you create any new sections after October 1 that fall into the above mentioned local provider scenarios, PLEASE fill in the appropriate information for the sections as you create them. They are located under the Master Schedule Collection portion of the Edit Sections page.

I've attached a copy of the Local Provider format that you MUST enter VERBATIM. If you misspell a word, include extra spaces, leave out a field, or even use the wrong case the DOE kicks them back as errors. Please note that A. Linwood Holton Governor's School nor Virtual Virginia are no longer required to include Local Provider Information, as those entities report their own teacher information directly to the VDOE now. HOWEVER, THERE ARE IMPORTANT NOTES ABOUT THIS CHANGE IN THE ATTACHED SPREADSHEET.

This doesn't apply to adding courses in PowerScheduler at the middle/high school level. We will work on those next year. Let me know if you have any questions.

I appreciate your help!



Jennifer Rhea, SIS Specialist


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