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PowerTeacher Overview - UNDER CONSTRUCTION

To Log into PowerTeacher:

The first time launching the Gradebook requires running the Installer.
Follow Gradebook Launch Setup instructions for more details.

Once you have logged into the Gradebook with the installer, click the Launch button after logging into PowerTeacher OR double-click the Gradebook icon installed on the desktop.

The LaunchGradebook will be downloaded. Double-click on the .ptg file to begin.

The PowerTeacher Gradebook Sign In will appear if the desktop icon was launched. Simply use the same login username and password as used for PowerTeacher.

Once inside Gradebook, the list of classes will be displayed along with student names.
Be mindful of the reporting term or marking period and select from the drop-down menu for the current marking period. This should default to the current marking period from the devices’ date.
Also ensure the Current Classes are listed for the current year. Example: Current Classes (14-15)

For instruction on entering Kindergarten Standard Grades, click here.

To Move Previous Grades to the Current Term:
There are shortcuts within Gradebook that can save some time. One such shortcut is to right-clicking on the Assignment column heading. This action will present a Copy / Paste drop-down menu.
Example: Copy a full column of grades from one Term (Q1) to another (Q2). This will give the option to continue the skills from the last snapshot.

For more on-line training, visit

Attached is the PowerTeacher Quick Reference Card powerteacher_quickrefcard.pdf

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