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Standard Grade Error

An issue was discovered on the KG & PK report cards that affected students who met the following criteria.

  1. Student has dropped classes in their schedule in the current year.
  2. AND has a grade of N in a dropped class or current class (you can see them on the Standards page in an individual student record).

Result: A fairly new feature in PowerSchool called "Standard Grade Rollup" converted the grade of N to F on the KG & PK report cards because the N in Grade Scale setup had a percentage of zero.


  1. In the Grade Scale setup (district level), the percentage for the grade of N was updated to 1.
  2. The percentages for all KG & PK grades of N were updated in PowerSchool.
  3. KG & PK report cards were verified that F's were no longer showing.

If any of your KG or PK teachers find that a student has an F on their report card, please rerun it for that student. It should print correctly now.

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