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Washington County Schools now offers many opportunities for videoconferencing both within the school system and with outside endpoints. This page gives an overview of videoconferencing along with definitions that will be used.

Available Types of Video Conferencing

  • Ad-Hoc using Cisco Unified Video Advantage (CUVA) - Requires a 7900-series Cisco phone (or IP Communicator software) connected to a PC that has a Cisco/Logitech webcam and the CUVA software. If two users both have this setup, a standard phone call between the two users will automatically bring up the video when the call is answered.
  • Ad-Hoc using Tandberg Gatekeeper - Requires NetMeeting (included with all Windows XP installs) or other H.323 compatible software and a webcam supported by NetMeeting. Once NetMeeting is setup (see separate article), "dialing" the other user's NetMeeting extension will automatically bring up video.
  • Multi-Point Conference using CUVA or Tandberg's Cisco Endpoints - Requires either the same setup as above in the Ad-Hoc CUVA item or one of our Tandberg 770MXP Cisco-compatible endpoints (available at HHS, JSBHS, PHHS, SBO, and one loaner). Multi-point conferencing uses our Multi-point Conferencing Unit (MCU) to join together multiple sites. You could have four sites (maximum of 12) connected with all able to see and talk with each other.
  • Multi-Point Conference using Tandberg H.323 endpoints, NetMeeting, or other H.323-compatible endpoint/software - Works just as the option above except that Cisco products are not required


  • CUVA - Cisco Unified Video Advantage = Cisco's videoconferencing suite of products
  • MCU - Multipoint Conferencing Unit = Allows multiple sites to be in a single videoconference
  • Bridge - Another name for MCU
  • Gatekeeper - An H.323 device that keeps track of all available H.323 endpoints and their extensions. Allows you to dial another H.323 user without having to know their IP address. Also handles reserving resources on the MCU for multi-point conferences
  • Endpoint - Any H.323 device or application. Available options in Washington County include the Tandberg 770MXP, Tandberg Edge 95 MXP (High Def), and Microsoft NetMeeting.
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