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 +Washington County Schools now offers many opportunities for videoconferencing both within the school system and with outside endpoints. ​ This page gives an overview of videoconferencing along with definitions that will be used.
 +===== Available Types of Video Conferencing =====
 +  * Ad-Hoc using Cisco Unified Video Advantage (CUVA) - Requires a 7900-series Cisco phone (or IP Communicator software) connected to a PC that has a Cisco/​Logitech webcam and the CUVA software. ​ If two users both have this setup, a standard phone call between the two users will automatically bring up the video when the call is answered.
 +  * Ad-Hoc using Tandberg Gatekeeper - Requires NetMeeting (included with all Windows XP installs) or other H.323 compatible software and a webcam supported by NetMeeting. ​ Once NetMeeting is setup (see separate article), "​dialing"​ the other user's NetMeeting extension will automatically bring up video.
 +  * Multi-Point Conference using CUVA or Tandberg'​s Cisco Endpoints - Requires either the same setup as above in the Ad-Hoc CUVA item or one of our Tandberg 770MXP Cisco-compatible endpoints (available at HHS, JSBHS, PHHS, SBO, and one loaner). ​ Multi-point conferencing uses our Multi-point Conferencing Unit (MCU) to join together multiple sites. ​ You could have four sites (maximum of 12) connected with all able to see and talk with each other.
 +  * Multi-Point Conference using Tandberg H.323 endpoints, NetMeeting, or other H.323-compatible endpoint/​software - Works just as the option above except that Cisco products are not required
 +===== Definitions =====
 +  * CUVA - Cisco Unified Video Advantage = Cisco'​s videoconferencing suite of products
 +  * MCU - Multipoint Conferencing Unit = Allows multiple sites to be in a single videoconference
 +  * Bridge - Another name for MCU
 +  * Gatekeeper - An H.323 device that keeps track of all available H.323 endpoints and their extensions. ​ Allows you to dial another H.323 user without having to know their IP address. ​ Also handles reserving resources on the MCU for multi-point conferences
 +  * Endpoint - Any H.323 device or application. ​ Available options in Washington County include the Tandberg 770MXP, Tandberg Edge 95 MXP (High Def), and Microsoft NetMeeting.
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